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Hear from Manhattan Associate’s Sales Director, Sacha Williams and Engagement Director, Rogier Van Dam as they walk you through the tools you need.
Learn how leading retailers are using omnichannel technologies to adapt to the pandemic and long term strategies to consider for the future.
Learn why a system with cloud-native technology offers an optimal way to achieve the flexibility your customers need and the agility the situation demands.
Explore emerging trends in the DC to compete in a customer-driven world, including best practices and new operating procedures in fulfilment.
What defines a modern distribution centre and how can it scale for e-commerce orders?
ISR's Matt Pillar presses Scott Fenwick and Deliv's Daphne Carmeli on the business case for building a store-based fulfilment strategy.
In this webinar, hosted by DC Velocity, Manhattan's Peter Schnorbach unveils the findings of an exciting new study.
Leading edge retailers understand that being able to fulfil customer orders from their stores gives them the flexibility to meet the ever changing shopping patterns.

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