Unify Yard Operations, Boost Efficiency, and Enhance Visibility

Manhattan Active® Yard Management is a world-class, unified yard management system designed to revolutionize the way businesses manage their yards. It delivers unparalleled visibility into the yard, empowering organizations to rapidly adjust to unexpected situations and uncover opportunities for performance optimization and cost savings. Simply put, a unified yard management solution can do things that a stand-alone or even an integrated yard solution could never do.

Yard Management can now function as the apex between transportation and warehouse operations by unveiling untapped opportunities for new levels of agility and efficiency that were not before possible. Supply chain inefficiencies, especially within yard operations, can disrupt time-sensitive processes, increase overhead cost, and adversely impact overall productivity of supply chain operations. By leveraging this innovative unified yard management system, organizations can now more effectively diminish detention costs, enhance employee productivity, elevate warehouse throughput, and implement operational improvements.

Manhattan Active® Yard Management is an integral component of our comprehensive Manhattan Active® Supply Chain application platform, designed from the ground up to leverage the synergy between Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management and Manhattan Active® Transportation Management, allowing all elements to operate in perfect symphony.

Unlock a New Level of Efficiency and Control

Manhattan Active® Yard Management unifies yard with the entire Manhattan Active® Supply Chain suite to provide a sophisticated, yet intuitive platform for optimizing yard operations. Experience the power of our groundbreaking Yard Visibility UI, which offers real-time insights into each dock door, yard position, trailer location, and their contents.

Revolutionary Yard Visibility

  • Graphical representation of dock and yard spaces
  • Enhanced visibility into inbound and outbound processes
  • Real-time insights into dock doors, yard positions, and trailer locations

Optimized Trailer Selection

  • Intelligent trailer prioritization and assignment to dock doors
  • Focus on reducing warehouse travel, avoiding warehouse shortages, and enabling optimal cross-dock operations

Automated Door & Trailer Assignment

  • Synchronizes door and trailer assignments with warehouse activities
  • Ensures optimal yard moves and trailer utilization

Automated Pre-Receipt Allocation

  • Simplifies inbound cross-dock and flow-through processing
  • Configurable automation approaches for live vs. drop loads

Transform Your Operations with Manhattan Active® Yard Management

Increase Productivity

  • Leverage intelligent planning, trailer selection, and door assignments to optimize workforce efficiency

Reduce Costs

  • Streamline operations and proactively manage detention costs to maximize profitability

Improve Yard Accuracy & Visibility

  • Utilize real-time insights to make informed decisions and maintain accurate control over yard operations

Empower Your Business with Manhattan Active® Yard Management

Don't let yard inefficiencies hold your business back any longer. Embrace the power of Manhattan Active® Yard Management and unlock the true potential of your supply chain operations today.

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