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Manhattan SCALE™ Brochure

Desarrollada sobre tecnologías Microsoft®, Manhattan SCALE puede ayudar a su organización para que alcance sus metas de forma asequible con un conjunto de herramientas y capacidades cuidadosamente seleccionadas.

Today’s commerce revolution has created unprecedented challenges for companies to meet the ever-changing demands of a digital world.

Distributors are being asked to outperform with current or reduced staffs, supply more channels from a single inventory, deliver on exquisite customer experiences—and do so faster, cheaper and with products that engage them as end users.

The near-term horizon introduces a whole new set of challenges with wearable devices, intelligent integration between those devices, ease of access and the general push to an ’always on, always optimising‘ supply chain management solution.

Manhattan SCALE is the right solution for dealing with demanding distribution issues and provides an ideal blend of features, functions and technology for organisations seeking to solve supply chain execution challenges.

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