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Manhattan Associates Unveils the Industry’s Most Sophisticated Inventory Planning and Replenishment Solution

Software includes groundbreaking tools that help retailers accurately position inventory where it is needed to meet today’s omnichannel demand

ATLANTA, May 22, 2018

Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) today announced updates to its Manhattan ActiveTM Inventory solution designed to help retailers optimize inventory in an increasingly complex omnichannel environment. Manhattan’s Inventory Demand Forecasting and Replenishment solution has been enhanced with a new approach to optimizing inventory that accounts for today’s demand patterns and modern fulfillment strategies. The company is the first to deliver multi-channel, multi-echelon optimization to precisely place inventory where it’s most needed for today’s digitally enabled shoppers.

Until recently, large retailers have taken a multi-echelon approach that balances inventory with demand across their complete network. In today’s connected commerce world, consumers are demanding much more complex omnichannel fulfillment capabilities (e.g., buy-online-pickup-in-store, ship-to-store, ship-from-store, etc.). Traditional planning systems were never designed to consider the impact of filling online orders with in-store inventory, and tend to overestimate demand as a result.

Manhattan is the first to give retailers comprehensive control over inventory investments across all of their omnichannel fulfillment experiences. The company’s Omnichannel Inventory Optimization solution constantly monitors and automatically adjusts inventory strategies as these initiatives mature. Using this insight, retailers can accurately position inventory across the network to maximize sales opportunities and satisfy customers, while minimizing costs.

“Omnichannel is rapidly changing the way retailers do business. Businesses must quickly update their planning processes and technologies to keep pace or their inventory investments will suffer,” said Scott Fenwick, senior director of Product Strategy, Manhattan Associates. “Manhattan is proud to introduce powerful, yet easy-to-use tools that help retailers untangle the complexity of interconnected omnichannel programs. Equipped with these new solutions, omnichannel retailers can easily map out an effective strategy to control inventory costs while ensuring each fulfillment experience provides memorable and satisfying customer engagements.”

Manhattan today also unveiled its Buyer Workbench, an advanced data visualization tool that gives wholesale and distribution companies a holistic view of how inventory, demand and service levels impact their businesses. It proactively updates users on company performance and provides deep insight into a company’s supply chain to identify areas for improvement.

In today’s connected commerce world, technology has simplified the process of launching promotional campaigns. However, it can be difficult to measure the net impact of each individual promotion when multiple promotions are running simultaneously. Manhattan has enhanced its Inventory solution with machine learning-based algorithms that are capable of analyzing large amounts of promotional data to help retailers accurately measure the positive or negative impact of specific campaigns on consumer demand.

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