Join Manhattan’s Product Council

Come join an exclusive group of fellow Manhattan customers in discussions and events around shared experiences, ideas, and feedback for our Product Marketing team, enabling us all to move life and commerce forward together.

What It Means To Be a Member

Manhattan has a number of Product Councils: groups of existing Manhattan customers who are all using the same software product and are gathering several times a year to discuss ideas, share experiences and provide feedback to the Product Management team on the product roadmap.

These Product Councils are global initiatives and meetings take place across the globe – the main events being Momentum in the US and the Exchange events in EMEA and APAC. In between these events there are several other gatherings of the Product Councils, either face-to-face or via conference calls.

To become a member of one of the global Product Councils, you can register via the form below. You will be contacted by a member of your local Manhattan organization to finalize your registration and to ensure you will be included in all relevant Product Council session invitations and updates!

Please note: the Product Councils are only open for current existing, maintenance-paying/cloud customers and you can only become a member of a Product Council that concerns the software product(s) you are actively using.


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