Unify your grocery supply chain. Maximize every asset.

Adding Manhattan Active® Transportation Management (TM) to Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management unlocks end-to-end efficiencies.

Replace silos and bottlenecks with unprecedented visibility, agility and collaboration, leading to better service, higher margins and optimized execution.

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The Only Cloud Native TMS Magic Quadrant Leader That Can Unify Your Supply Chain

Leading Grocers Trust Manhattan for TMS

Named a Leader by Gartner for the sixth consecutive year, Manhattan Active® Transportation Management is specifically designed for challenges like yours – overcoming disruption, maximizing efficiency and enhancing service levels. Ranked in the top 3 for complex operations, the solution delivers unmatched agility and visibility to see and act in real time. Manhattan is also the only provider that offers the opportunity to unify TMS, WMS, YMS and LMS on a single platform for end-to-end optimization.


Why Manhattan TMS For Your
Grocery Supply Chain?

You Have Operational Obstacles to Overcome

Declining productivity and escalating costs are just some of the issues degrading grocery performance and supply chains. Investing to maintain high-performance in the face of disruption - along with the ability to support ongoing business changes - is crucial for your grocery supply chain technology.

How Manhattan Can Help

Manhattan’s deep understanding of the grocery industry improves business outcomes, and our cloud-native, microservices technology is proven to enable a resilient and agile grocery supply chain, enabling high performance in the face of increasing supply chain pressures.

Unlock Resilient, Cloud-Based Supply Chain Efficiency

Manhattan offers a truly unified supply chain solution providing crystal-clear visibility and unprecedented control. Our microservices architecture is versionless, with seamless upgrades that occur automatically and without disruption.

"We wanted to work with a supply chain company that had a solid understanding of our industry and could grow with us. We needed to feel comfortable that they could come in and partner with us to develop the grocery-specific functionality we needed."

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Unified Warehouse and Transportation Solutions for the Grocery Industry

Transportation Management

Dynamic grocery demand is creating greater margin pressures as increased sales come with increased operating expenses. A more streamlined and unified supply chain can ensure the right goods are always delivered at the right time, and in the right quantities. Manhattan Active Transportation Management is the fastest, smartest, and easiest way for grocery and foodservice companies to manage transportation planning and execution. Its cloud-native architecture, multi-modal solver with intelligent self-tuning optimization, unified user experience, and pre-integrated rate and capacity management enable companies to improve visibility, accelerate planning, and lower the cost of shipping while reducing carbon emissions. 

Warehouse Management

Unexpected disruptions  and new changes will put greater pressure on the supply chain to perform. Consumers will continue to consolidate their shopping trips, looking for their favorite grocery retailers to offer an expanded product set or order groceries online. Manhattan Active Warehouse Management gives distribution managers greater visibility and control with highly actionable, real-time operational data visualizations across every facility and integrated, direct communication with the workforce. It is infused with artificial intelligence to refine its optimization. This technology accelerates the flow of goods and information; enables flawless execution across inventory, labor, advanced automation, robotics, and physical space; and simultaneously balances competing task requirements across store and direct-to-customer channels to achieve the optimal fulfillment plan, ensuring grocery supply chains are running at maximum efficiency.  

Yard Management

Unify yard operations, boost efficiency, and enhance visibility with Manhattan Active® Yard Management—a solution that allows you to adjust to unexpected situations and uncover opportunities for performance optimization and cost savings. With Yard management, Manhattan has completed the digital unification of distribution and logistics where they come together in the physical world.

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