OMS in France, a seamless beginning

By Logistiques Magazine,
OMS in France, a seamless beginning

Order Management (OMS): This software component is still not particularly well-known compared to the WMS and the TMS, yet businesses turn to it anyway. The redesign of a business's global logistics plan often gives publishers the opportunity to offer their full range of services. These kinds of opportunities are usually found among major distributors facing an increase in sales channels.

French businesses have not yet pounced on the tools of the OMS (Order Management System). This cost-optimised system supports customer order management, no matter the order method (in-store, online, mobile, etc.), and order delivery (from the store, warehouse, etc.) wherever the customer desires (pick-up, home delivery or store delivery). Despite businesses having become familiar over the years with WMS (Warehouse Management Software) and TMS (Transport Management Software), with many making use of the software, the full version of the OMS has only been adopted by a handful of companies in France.

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