Order Management

In-Application Fulfillment Performance Analytics

Monitor, analyze, and improve performance across all fulfillment processes with Manhattan Active® Order Management’s in-application performance analytics.

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Continuously Optimize Through Insights

Order Management

While Manhattan Active Order Management intelligently optimizes inventory availability, order promising, and fulfillment orchestration, new opportunities will always exist to improve performance and reduce inefficiencies and costs. Analysis of key performance areas across the distribution network, store footprint, and fulfillment lifecycle is essential to understanding the possibilities for order fulfillment improvement, including proactively identifying performance issues that may impact customer satisfaction.

Manhattan Active Order Management offers real-time interactive dashboards and over 150 out-of-the-box reports. Key performance indicator (KPI) analysis enables users to identify opportunities for improvement quickly. For example, real-time views of order fulfillment optimization performance with detailed insight into every fulfillment decision—including overall cost breakdown and decision parameters on individual orders—support analysis and decisions to further decrease fulfillment costs. With Manhattan Active Order Management, all analysis is performed within the application, removing the need for users to use separate data analytics tools.

Visualizing Data Through Interactive Dashboards

Manhattan’s real-time interactive dashboards enable users to visualize data through graphs, charts, maps, and other visual devices illuminating data results. Users can quickly analyze real-time data and metrics across order fulfillment processes and highlight meaningful insights that lead to informed decisions that improve performance. For example, retailers can continually optimize store fulfillment performance by leveraging dashboards to monitor and act on real-time store fulfillment KPIs, such as order picking productivity and efficiency and customer pickup effectiveness. This insight helps evaluate store performance and take improvement actions, such as fine-tuning processes and identifying training requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • Retailers can leverage comprehensive omnichannel order fulfillment data to analyze KPI metrics across all fulfillment processes, including promising, sourcing optimization, order orchestration, and store fulfillment.
  • Data visibility, including over 150 reports, is provided directly in the application, removing the need for staff to use separate data analysis tools.
  • Users can leverage extensive data visualization, such as process dashboards, facilitating fast data point analysis to reveal meaningful insights.

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