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Omnichannel Promotions

Leverage a single source of promotions logic to satisfy customers with consistent promotional deals across all sales channels with Manhattan Active® Order Management.

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Order Management

Consistent sales deals across channels are critical in today's complex world of connected commerce, as modern consumers typically begin and end their journeys via a combination of digital and physical interaction points. Manhattan Active Order Management provides a rich enterprise promotions capability for retailers to create and offer consistent promotional deals across sales channels.

Highly-Flexible Promotions Management

Manhattan’s Enterprise Promotions capability provides a single system of record for promotions across sales channels for consistent presentation and usage of promotions. With Enterprise Promotions, retailers can manage the lifecycle of promotions from one system, eliminating the inefficiencies and inconsistencies of managing promotions separately for each sales channel.

Enterprise Promotions supports the creation of complex and intermixed deals for presentation at various points during a customer's path to purchase. This capability enables creating and offering promotions within one or more organizations, such as a region or retailer's brand. Deal configuration supports deal triggers, targets, and benefits. Event horizons, customer-targeted offers, and detailed trigger criteria allow retailers to refine qualifications and exclusions for deals and offers. The solution enables the mixing and matching of deals by supporting multiple disparate qualifier categories, driving benefits like increased sales and customer loyalty. Promotions can be offered at both the item and order levels.

Examples of supported deals include:

  • Fixed or percent discount
  • Bogo free
  • Buy x, get y free
  • Single and multi-use coupons
  • Customer loyalty status
  • Multiple 'percentage off' coupons

Enriching Sales and Ordering Experiences With Promotions

Machine learning algorithms recommend the best possible promotions for the customer during ordering. Logic supports the calculation of deals and the output to a sales channel system's selling carts, sales receipts, and sales posting. Third-party commerce and marketing solutions can use enterprise promotions through Manhattan Active Order Management's rich APIs. Manhattan's Point of Sale and Contact Center applications natively use enterprise promotions to provide a differentiating customer experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Manhattan Active Order Management's enterprise promotions capability enables retailers to establish a single source of promotions availability and logic across all sales channels, accessible through APIs.
  • Rich promotions capabilities enable retailers to configure deal types and logic to determine which customers qualify for promotions, when promotions are triggered, promotion targets, and promotion benefits.
  • Machine learning algorithms and mathematical models automatically recommend the best promotions for the customer at both the item and order levels.

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