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Cross-Border Fulfillment

Manage cross-border fulfillment complexities to capitalize on cross-border commerce opportunities with Manhattan Active® Order Management.

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Improve Order Fulfillment Performance

Order Management

Conducting business in multiple countries can create significant complications that a retailer's order fulfillment capabilities must solve. Some of these complications directly impact the retailer's bottom line through customs charges and increased shipping costs. Other complications affect the customer experience, such as delayed shipping due to customs holds. Manhattan Active Order Management intelligently optimizes order fulfillment to enable profitable cross-border commerce that satisfies customers.

Manhattan Active Order Management is made ready for multi-country, cross-border business. It supports multiple languages, currencies, and tax schemes, allowing retailers to do business in any country, respecting local requirements. Beyond multi-country support, Manhattan Active Order Management optimizes how retailers execute order fulfillment across borders.

Optimizing Cross-Border Fulfillment Sourcing

Manhattan Active Order Management's fulfillment sourcing optimization helps find the best fulfillment source for retailers fulfilling orders to customers dispersed across various countries by assessing the unique factors involved in cross-border shipping. Tariffs, shipping costs, and delivery times can vary significantly across international borders and change frequently. Manhattan Active Order Management will learn and adapt to assess different shipping locations, shipping methods, carriers, and routes to find the most profitable fulfillment source and route. providing customers with on-time delivery.

Some retailers do business in neighboring countries with different import/export tariffs. If a customer places an order for delivery and the closest distribution center with available product happens to be in the neighboring country to the customer's location, Manhattan Active Order Management will dynamically determine if it is less costly to route the order to a distribution center within the borders of customer's country—even if it is farther in distance from the order delivery destination—while keeping the order promise.

Orchestrating Cross-Border Order Validation and Delivery

Manhattan Active Order Management natively supports the processing of order validation, with system integration for country-specific payments, fraud, tax, customs compliance, and more. Workflows are dynamically adjusted based on validation results, enabling specific notifications and processing for exceptions. For example, suppose shipping rules are configured for a country. In that case, the configured rule can be set to place the order on hold if a validation error occurs and notify customer service for resolution with the customer.

Cross-border commerce also comes with risks of shipping delays due to customer regulations and multiple transportation carrier handoffs. Manhattan Active Order Management's integration and granular order monitoring capabilities keep a retailer's employees and customers on top of order status at all times.

Key Takeaways

  • Manhattan Active Order Management is configurable to support country requirements, including currency, language, taxation, and customs.
  • For retailers operating in multiple countries, Manhattan Active Order Management can optimize fulfillment across multiple countries simultaneously, including finding the least-cost fulfillment source and route for each order.
  • Order orchestration automatically validates orders for compliance with customs regulations and tracks orders at a granular level to notify users and customers of shipping delays with any shipping handoff.

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