Order Management

High-Demand Capacity Ordering

Provide consistent order promising and validation across all sales channels and scale to handle increasing digital commerce demands with Manhattan Active® Order Management.

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Order Management

While customers value maximum flexibility, they also expect consistency. Introduce an exciting new digital capability for customers to use on their buying journey, and they will be delighted. Do so with an inconsistent buying experience, and they will quickly become frustrated. Manhattan Active Order Management provides a consistent, highly responsive ordering experience across all sales channels that satisfies modern shoppers.

Ordering APIs

As digital channels proliferate, so do the types and architecture of digital commerce systems. Headless commerce is rising in usage, natively decoupling back-end functions like inventory management. Other digital commerce systems may not be headless but use APIs to access external data and logic. Less sophisticated systems may replicate data, creating the opportunity for customer frustration caused by replication errors. All three may exist simultaneously in a retailer's digital commerce systems portfolio. Manhattan Active Order Management fosters a unified commerce approach across these systems with a consistent single source of truth for vital inventory, order promising, promotions, order validation, and order capture services accessible to support all touchpoints across the customer's path to purchase.

Any digital commerce system can view accurate global inventory availability data and request order delivery or pickup promises through Manhattan Active Order Management's REST-based APIs. From a search and discovery perspective, digital commerce systems can confidently add products to a cart from product lists by validating availability with real-time checks. Product detail views allow for viewing real-time inventory availability by product characteristics, such as style, to provide flexible and accurate inventory availability checks. Digital commerce systems can also rely on Manhattan Active Order Management for consistent logic for order validation and capture.

In-Memory Caching Technology

Retailers can use order promises as a sales tool to attract customers with fulfillment data before checkout. By displaying projected fulfillment data on product listing and details pages, retailers can remove customer uncertainty on when they can get their products, encouraging them to proceed with their purchase. Removing this uncertainty builds customer confidence that turns into sales conversions.

Manhattan Active Order Management provides REST-based APIs for a retailer's digital commerce systems to display precise order promises throughout the customer buying journey on product listing and detail pages and at checkout. Moving promising to early steps in the customer buying journey significantly increases promise request volumes. Manhattan Active Order Management is built to scale, employing in-memory caching technology that supports increasing volumes while ensuring high-speed response times that satisfy modern shoppers.

Key Takeaways

  • Provides a single source of ordering data and logic for use by any of a retailer's digital commerce systems, enabling a consistent customer purchase and post-purchase experience.
  • Consistent inventory availability and order fulfillment promising data and logic ensure retailers can make precise order promises to customers in any channel.
  • Ordering services provide consistent logic for digital commerce systems to promise and change placed customer orders, including applying promotions.
  • In-memory caching technology provides high-demand capacity processing to support increasing volumes of order promise requests from digital commerce systems.

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