Order Management

Customer Controlled Fulfillment

Give customers flexible control of post-purchase order tracking and modifications with Manhattan Active® Order Management.

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Orchestrate Post-Purchase Experiences

Order Management

Customer service does not stop when the customer completes a transaction. Today’s retailers must also possess the technology capabilities required to empower shoppers with personalized assistance throughout their post-purchase experience. And increasingly, those capabilities emphasize how and when customers manage the fulfillment of their online orders. 

Only Manhattan Active Order Management provides robust customer-controlled fulfillment capabilities for customers to take control of the entire post-purchase fulfillment process, including order status updates and order modifications at any time. With Manhattan Active Order Management, retailers can enable flexibility and agility in post-purchase order fulfillment processes, vital to providing a flawless customer pickup or shipping experience that creates loyal customers.

Detailed Order Monitoring and Order Modifications

Manhattan Active Order Management's order orchestration capabilities include autonomous monitoring of orders as they progress to fulfillment. It enables end-to-end order and returns visibility and proactive notifications through text or email, including automatically triggering when order progress is delayed or exceptions are encountered. Retailers can flexibly configure order orchestration to track retailer order fulfillment milestones and events. 

Flexible and robust order modification rules allow a retailer to set what modifications are allowable, considering order status. Order delivery modifications include changing a shipping address, updating an order pickup time for a store pickup order, choosing an alternate person to perform the pickup, or flipping a pickup order to a direct shipment. Customers can also change order configuration, such as shipping service level, or add a coupon or promotion code. Late order changes, such as cancellations, provide customers with significant flexibility in modifying their in-flight orders. 

Manhattan's customer-controlled fulfillment capabilities allow customers to select the interaction channel they prefer to view order status and request modifications to their orders via the contact center or digital self-service. Order visibility and modification data and logic are exposed via order servicing APIs to provide interfacing systems with rich order data and guidance on permittable order modifications. Retailers can also leverage Manhattan's Digital Self-Service and Contact Center solutions to provide exceptional post-purchase service to customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Orders are automatically monitored across the order lifecycle for detailed milestones and events supporting order visibility and notifications for a retailer's internal users and customers.
  • Retailers can establish rules for permittable order modifications by order state, providing precise and systematic change guidance to internal users and customers.
  • All customer interaction channels, including stores, contact centers, and digital commerce, access the same order fulfillment visibility data and modification logic via APIs to provide a consistent post-purchase experience.
  • Timely notifications are provided to customers—via their preferred communication channel (text, email, phone, or social)—on order status, shipment details, store pickup reminders, order abandonment reminders, and more.
  • Customers can select the interaction channel they prefer to use to request modifications to their orders, including contact center and digital self-service. For digital self-service, all order modification capabilities typically reserved for the contact center are made available digitally.

Seeking to differentiate your post-purchase customer experience?

Manhattan Active Order Management’s customer-controlled fulfillment capabilities provide customers with a satisfying and memorable post-purchase experience that creates a lasting impression. Talk to our expert to see how Manhattan can distinguish your business as one focused on customer satisfaction.

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