Order Management

Global Order Orchestration

Seamlessly and precisely orchestrate order fulfillment across increasing sales channels, fulfillment methods, fulfillment sources, and order volumes with Manhattan Active® Order Management.

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Improve Order Fulfillment Performance

Order Management

Manhattan Active Order Management provides advanced global order orchestration capabilities specifically designed for the complex demands of modern retail. It manages large order volumes seamlessly across various sales channels, fulfillment sources, and countries with highly configurable orchestration workflows and rules. Built for omnichannel commerce, Manhattan Active Order Management precisely and efficiently orchestrates order progress across all fulfillment methods, including ship-to-customer, pickup in-store, ship-to-store, ship-from-store, and same-day delivery.

Retailers rely on Manhattan's global order orchestration capabilities to initiate and manage every step of an order's end-to-end life cycle—from initial fraud check to payment settlement and sales posting to pickup or ship-from-store delivery. Manhattan Active Order Management connects and coordinates with every system that creates, interacts, reads, or reacts to customer orders. It provides a single source of truth for anything and everything related to customer orders and orchestrates each step of fulfillment, from order capture to completion.

Manhattan’s order orchestration capabilities include autonomous monitoring of orders as they progress to fulfillment, ensuring dynamic notifications and actions can be triggered when order progress is delayed or exceptions are encountered. Digital commerce systems, customers, call center agents, fulfillment leaders, and store associates alike are exposed to real-time views of granular order milestone status tracking. By leveraging one system of customer orders across all channels, brands, and countries, retailers can significantly improve omnichannel capabilities and the customer experience.

Manhattan Active Order Management features these global orchestration capabilities to power modern retail:

Put Business-Users in Control of Workflow and Rules Configuration

Manhattan Active Order Management's advanced orchestration workflows and rules provide retailers with considerable flexibility in defining how orders are fulfilled based on many factors, such as order type, brand, country, and more. Detailed rules configuration provides retailers with granular personalization of order orchestration behavior, including order modification and monitoring rules.

Unlike most retail order management solutions, Manhattan Active Order Management empowers business users to personalize order orchestration. Through a graphical user interface, business users can set and change rules that drive order orchestration logic. By simple drop-down or check-box selections, business users can set rules such as when order cancellation is allowed, when to charge shipping, how to alert customers of order status, and much more. Manhattan has developed this business-user control from years of observing retail order fulfillment leading practices and continually updates the solution to give business users greater control.

Streamline Multi-Brand and Multi-Country Support

Manhattan Active Order Management orchestrates order fulfillment for multiple brands and countries through a single system. Retailers can establish unique orchestration rules and workflows for each brand and country. Managing multiple brands and countries is streamlined, enabling retailers to simplify business complexity. For example, when selling and fulfilling to a new country, rules and workflows can be inherited from an existing country of business, and users can modify those only needed to support the new country's unique fulfillment requirements.

Optimize Fulfillment Sourcing Agility

Manhattan Active Order Management specializes in optimizing order fulfillment sourcing to ensure customer order promises are consistently met and fulfilled at the best costs. Sophisticated order sourcing algorithms calculate the best possible shipping locations based on factors like proximity to the customer, shipping costs, and inventory status. Manhattan Active Order Management then adapts order orchestration dynamically to set the proper fulfillment pipeline, schedule, and execution to support the fulfillment source, including source-specific integration. This capability significantly improves a retailer's ability to use and optimize diverse fulfillment sources to meet customer demands.

Empower Customer Controlled Fulfillment

The post-purchase experience is a vital part of the overall customer experience. Modern shoppers desire greater control over order fulfillment to make changes to suit their needs. When customers wish to change an order post-purchase, Manhattan Active Order Management's orchestration rules and logic automatically determine what order changes (adds, deletes, modifications, cancellations) are allowable based on the current state of the order. This capability works with proactive order issue notifications to provide a differentiating post-purchase experience.

For example, Manhattan Active Order Management's order monitoring capabilities will detect when a pickup order is at risk for abandonment and automatically notify a customer service agent or the customer directly to inquire about shipping the order, allowing an order change from pickup to delivery, saving the sale while increasing customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure customer satisfaction by efficiently managing the end-to-end fulfillment lifecycle, including post-purchase order tracking and modifications, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.
  • Automate and streamline order fulfillment, significantly reducing manual efforts and errors. This efficiency saves time and resources and allows retailers to focus on strategic initiatives rather than operational challenges.
  • Drive fulfillment cost savings by optimizing shipping routes, consolidating orders, and reducing human intervention.
  • Enable greater flexibility in fulfillment sources, including suppliers, logistics providers, stores, and distribution centers. This flexibility is critical to managing order fulfillment more efficiently, responsively, and resiliently.
  • Empower non-technical business users to configure and manage orchestration rules and workflows, increasing business agility and accelerating time to market with business changes.

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Manhattan Active Order Management can help you fulfill orders to meet customer expectations while supporting increasingly complex fulfillment networks.

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