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Provide a more intelligent, connected, and automated returns process from customer returns initiation through reverse logistics with Manhattan Active® Order Management, resulting in lower costs and better customer service.

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Order Management

The growth of ecommerce and the related explosion of product returns have put immense pressure on retailers. It has become an essential business need for brands to improve customer returns and reverse logistics processes, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing operational costs to protect margins. Manhattan Active Order Management provides retailers with a more intelligent, connected, and automated returns process from customer returns initiation through reverse logistics, resulting in lower costs, better customer service, and greater customer loyalty.

Simplifying Customer Returns Initiation

Manhattan Active Order Management enables retailers to offer "buy anywhere and return anywhere"(BORIS) service that improves customer convenience. Ordering services enable consistent customer return or exchange initiation through stores, contact centers, and online. Support for box-less and printer-less returns and exchanges empowers customers to initiate returns through digital self-service or the contact center, select items, choose the nearest store or returns location, and receive a QR code to make the returns—drastically reducing transaction times. Shipping labels can automatically be generated and sent to the customer as well. As a result, retailers reduce the administrative burden and costs of returns while enabling customers to initiate and track returns and exchanges easily.

Optimizing Returns Routing

Manhattan Active Order Management enables retailers to tailor their reverse logistics strategy with intelligent technology that dynamically calculates, categorizes, and determines where each return should go. Return routing optimization determines the optimal return location with sophisticated algorithms to evaluate factors such as assortment, depth of inventory, selling price, shipping and handling costs, geographic proximity, and more. This powerful capability empowers retailers to circumvent cross-border shipping, reduce shipping costs and carbon footprint, optimize inventory placement, increase the sell-through rate of returns, and accelerate the time to complete returns.

Automating Returns Resolution

Manhattan Active Order Management eliminates manual, time-consuming, and error-prone returns processing with automated returns resolution. Expected return items are automatically compared to actual items received, and variances are managed systematically, with return credits accurately calculated based on evaluating how much the customer originally paid, including taxes, charges, and discounts. As a result, retailers reduce the operational burden, costs, and errors associated with manual returns processing.

Expediting Refunds and Exchanges

With Manhattan Active Order Management's intelligent returns processing and automation, retailers can drastically reduce the time to process refunds and exchanges, completing them 3 to 5 days earlier. Chargeback functionality mitigates situations where the customer didn't return the correct item or item quantities, or the condition of the returned item is damaged. The result is a faster, more convenient returns process that satisfies customers, driving elevated brand loyalty—without the risk.

Key Takeaways

  • Manhattan Active Order Management optimizes the returns process from customer returns initiation through reverse logistics to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction with a retailer's returns and exchanges process.
  • Advanced adaptive algorithms continuously evaluate multiple parameters to arrive at the optimal product return path to get returns into circulation faster, increasing sell-through rates.
  • "Buy Anywhere and Return Anywhere" capabilities enable customers to initiate returns online, in stores, and through the contact center with flexible returns methods, including box-less and printer-less returns to return points such as carriers and stores.

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