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Provide highly-precise order promising of delivery dates and pickup times throughout the customer buying journey to increase sales conversions with Manhattan Active® Order Management.

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Order Management

Order fulfillment precision and reliability are paramount in retail as they substantially impact customer satisfaction and sales conversions. Precision and reliability start with precise order promising throughout the customer buying journey as it gives customers the confidence and assurance of receiving the products they order at a specific date and time. Getting the promising portion of the sales cycle right is critical as shoppers often prioritize how and when they will receive their items when making a purchasing decision. Customers often want to understand fulfillment options early in their buying journey, even as early as the initial product search. Precise order promises eliminate overpromising or underpromising and help retailers move from static day range promises (e.g., 5-7 days) to personalized and precise dates, which help increase sales conversions.

Today's order management systems must intelligently evaluate a growing set of business factors and variables to provide the order promising precision that builds customer confidence. And they must do so while processing a rapidly increasing volume of promising requests from digital commerce systems. Manhattan Active Order Management is the only solution that combines accurate product availability, intelligent supply chain assessment using machine learning, and high-capacity in-memory caching technology to provide precise, instantaneous order promising across all sales channels at scale.

Accurate Product Availability

Order fulfillment promising starts with precise product availability. Manhattan Active Order Management provides a powerful, real-time global view of perpetual inventory across every fulfillment location in a retailer's enterprise, including in-transit, on-order, and third-party owned/fulfilled inventory. It increases order promising precision by enabling retailers to quickly define and reconfigure global inventory views precisely to match customers to the right inventory during ordering. Using an advanced constraint engine, retailers can establish and adjust rules around inventory availability based on factors such as selling channel, retail brand, delivery method, seasonality, store capacity/capability, inventory accessibility, inventory disposition, presentation stock rules, safety stock levels, and much more. The result is accurate product availability based on current business conditions ready to be used in providing order promises to customers.

Intelligent Supply Chain Assessment

Precise order promising involves more than product availability. A retailer also must possess the operational capabilities to fulfill customer promises accurately. Manhattan Active Order Management goes a step further by assessing product availability to refine order promises considering the physical capabilities of a retailer's supply chain. Using machine learning algorithms developed from decades of retail experience, Manhattan Active Order Management continuously learns and adapts to automatically adjust the precision of order promises using current and historical information from a retailer’s supply chain. Various physical supply chain factors are used to adjust precision, including distribution center or store workloads, historical fulfillment carrier performance, and more.

For example, suppose a customer is evaluating a product that requires monogramming. In that case, Manhattan Active Order Management will dynamically determine the best fulfillment location to meet the customer's desired shipping service level, considering location workloads and shipping cutoff times. Manhattan Active Order Management provides retailers with detailed analysis of the promising performance metrics with algorithm configuration capabilities to continuously improve promising precision.

Providing Order Fulfillment Data at Search

Many modern shoppers start their buying journey with a product search. The retailer then gains a competitive advantage by providing a view into fulfillment options with search results, encouraging the shopper to proceed to further product discovery and checkout. Manhattan Active Order Management is the only order management system that provides native integration to Google Merchant Center for presenting order fulfillment promise data optimized for Google during search results across Google Search, YouTube, Maps, Discover, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Provides precise order fulfillment promises throughout the customer buying journey to increase brand loyalty, boost conversion rates, and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Advanced machine learning algorithms continuously learn and adapt to provide more precise delivery date promises by assessing multiple supply chain variables and factors.
  • In memory caching technology enables the solution to scale to support more variables and handle increasing promising request volumes from digital commerce.
  • Open APIs enable sale channel systems to display precise delivery and pickup dates across all fulfillment options directly on the product list and details page and throughout checkout.

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