Order Management

Thorough Product Findability

Enable customers to find available products in any inventory location easily to boost sales conversions with Manhattan Active® Order Management.

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Enrich Customer Ordering Experiences

Order Management

Retail leaders understand the broader context of shopper purchase intent and assist their customers in finding available products and product details that meet customer needs. Meeting modern shoppers' demand for consistent, easily discovered product inventory and details across sales channels improves customer satisfaction and drives sales conversions. Manhattan Active Order Management enables any sales channel with rich, searchable product inventory availability data to drive sales conversions.

Manhattan Active Order Management's precise and detailed views of global inventory availability facilitate customer-facing sales systems (digital commerce, point of sale, and customer service), consistently presenting product inventory available in any fulfillment source (distribution centers, stores, suppliers). Any system can access and display product inventory data through REST-based APIs, including in-transit and on-order inventory.

Maximize Store Inventory Visibility

Wider use of store inventory offers many ways to boost sales across sales channels. It can satisfy customer demand for immediacy, such as same-day delivery or order pickup, increasing sales and customer satisfaction. While increasing online sales, order pickup can drive more store sales by decreasing lost sales due to out-of-stock products and raising store foot traffic with order pickups. Manhattan Active Order Management specializes in exposing store inventory availability across the customer path to purchase, enabling retailers to maximize the use of store inventory to boost sales.

Manhattan Active Order Management's precise and detailed views of store inventory availability facilitate customer-facing sales systems by consistently presenting store inventory data to shoppers in multiple value-added ways. With the shop-by-store view, customers can filter search results to view products available at their preferred store. When products are unavailable at the customer's selected store, the systems accessing Manhattan Active Order Management can present availability at alternate nearby locations.

From the product details page in customer-facing systems, store inventory availability can be shown by default to facilitate fast fulfillment options, such as order pickup or same-day delivery. Pickup ordering cut-off times and ready-for-pickup promises are clearly presented. Manhattan Active Order Management enriches the customer path to purchase by exposing accurate and detailed store inventory data.

Key Takeaways

  • Boost sales conversions by providing customers with easily findable product inventory availability and product details.
  • Leverage a single source of inventory visibility for all sales channels to provide a consistent customer experience.
  • Maximize the exposure of store inventory availability data to drive store foot traffic and increase sales conversions.

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