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Payment Recovery

Automate recovery of payment failures to improve customer satisfaction and reduce labor costs with Manhattan Active® Order Management.

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Order Management

Payment failure is a common fulfillment issue that disrupts the post-purchase experience creating customer dissatisfaction and additional operational costs for retailers. After order capture, a payment may fail during re-authorization, such as a failure due to insufficient funds, or payment may fail settlement when an item is shipped or picked up, such as failure due to unavailability of the issuing bank. Manhattan Active Order Management automates payment recovery, accelerating payment failure resolution to improve customer satisfaction while easing the burden on customer service and reducing labor costs.

Manhattan Active Order Management can automatically prevent an order from shipping when a payment fails. To resolve the payment issue, Manhattan Active Order Management automatically retries payment authorization or settlement. If authorization or settlement again fails, an email or text is automatically sent to the customer with instructions to update the payment.

Through Manhattan's Digital Self-Service solution, a customer can update their payment information online, and if authorized, Manhattan Active Order Management will automatically release the order for fulfillment. A configurable duration can be set specifying how long the customer has to reply before the order is canceled. An embedded payments dashboard enables users to monitor payment failure volumes and recovery performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Automatically prevent orders from shipping in case of payment authorization or settlement failures.
  • Notify customers of payment failures via email or text with links to online self-service to correct payment.
  • Closely monitor payment failure volumes, resolution rates, and financial impact.


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