Hunting for Unexpected Treasures at Tractor Supply Company

One way to describe a visit to a Tractor Supply Company’s (TCS) retail store is a treasure hunt because you never know what you’re going to find. But with 15,000 SKUs per store and 1,700 stores, TSC needs to know exactly what its customers are going to find, down to the SKU number. It carries everything from live chickens to kayaks to tractor parts, and its goal to be the most dependable supplier of rural lifestyle products means it needs top-notch supply chain processes. Read the case study to learn how Tractor Supply Company improved their collaboration and efficiency with Manhattan’s DC. 

Team building in distribution operations leadership, identify opportunities for improvement, alignment and strategic focus for the coming year.

Engage in a leadership working session, where leaders play the DC Game, facilitated by Manhattan Associates.

The game focused the TSC team on supply chain issues, brought everyone up to speed on the warehouse management system upgrade, and engaged leaders in collaboration and teamwork conversations critical to success.

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