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Returns Done Right

Returns can be a problem or an opportunity. Manhattan helps you return items to the optimal location, increase product reselling, and reduce manual labor in returns processes—all while increasing customer loyalty and driving store traffic.

Elevate Brand Loyalty

  • Deploy instant refunds to process refunds upon carrier scan—3-5 days faster than your competitors.
  • Enhance customers’ post-purchase experiences with self-service returns initiation and tracking, along with box-less, printer-less, and label-less returns.
Proof Point:

Differentiate yourself by cutting days off the refund process and be amongst the 8% of retailers offering the ability to track refunds.

Drive Store Traffic

  • Convert returns into exchanges with out-of-the-box support for buy online, return in-store (BORIS).
  • Upsell and cross-sell digital shoppers while delivering omnichannel, “buy anywhere, return anywhere” experiences.
Proof Point:

Accommodate 87% of consumers that prefer to make in-store returns and reap the rewards from the 71% of in-store returns that result in an immediate purchase.

Maximize Returns Profitability

  • Dynamically determine the optimal return location to get returned items back on the shelf faster.
  • Reduce the labor required by automating returns workflows to eliminate tedious, error-prone tasks.
Proof Point:

54% of retailers say manual processes and the need for more staff are obstacles to managing returns. Manhattan automates inefficient processes to help get the most out of associates.

  Put Order Changes and Returns in Customers' Hands

Digital Self-Service

Modern shoppers want to be in control throughout the buyer's journey and even after the finalized sale. Manhattan Digital Self-Service provides this desired customer experience with access to timely information so they can monitor post-purchase events and by allowing customers to change in-progress orders, initiate returns, and more. It empowers customers with post-purchase orders and returns control via laptop, tablet, or mobile device, increasing customer satisfaction while enabling retailers to save sales and reduce support costs.  

Change Orders

Powered by Manhattan Active Order Management's customer-controlled fulfillment capabilities, Digital Self-Service guides customers through changing order details such as shipping address or delivery date. Customers can also cancel complete orders or individual order line items. Self-service control supports store pickup order changes, allowing customers to extend or change pickup windows and switch pickup to home delivery.

Allowing customers to change from store pickup to home delivery creates significant value for retailers. It can reduce no-show rates (and resulting lost revenue) for store pickups by offering a flexible fulfillment change option for customers at risk of being a no-show. It can protect revenue in situations when the store is out of stock and cannot fulfill a pickup order. Instead of the customer receiving a dead-end "sorry, we're out of stock" email, Manhattan Active Order Management can check network availability and send the customer an email asking if they want to "ship it instead?" to save the sale. The customer is then guided to request the change to home delivery through Digital Self-Service.

Returns and Exchanges

Customers also want self-service control over purchases post-fulfillment. With Manhattan Digital Self-Service, customers can initiate returns and exchanges digitally. For returns and exchanges, customers can determine their preferred means of return through store, carrier location, or by mail—and are guided through the steps to proceed (such as printing a return label). For exchanges, the customer is digitally supported through completing the product exchange with capabilities that allow them to select the new item, obtain any cost difference, and select the payment method for any cost difference.  

Leading Retailers Trust Manhattan

We’re the only provider to offer a full range of returns management capabilities that are pre-tested, fully integrated, and continually enhanced with new innovations added every 90 days. Increase margins and customer satisfaction. Reduce processing time, errors, and strain on your staff. Differentiate your returns experience with Manhattan. Read our Returns Management capability brief to learn more.

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