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Reimagine Customer Service with GenAI for Retail

Manhattan Active® Maven for Customer Service is revolutionizing retail GenAI chatbot capabilities with fast, personalized, and highly capable assistance that delights customers and boosts productivity.

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Manhattan Active® Maven: Transforming Customer Service with GenAI for Retail

Manhattan Active MavenChatbots are becoming an increasingly popular investment in AI for retail customer self-service due to their ability to promptly respond to customer inquiries at any time. However, typical AI chatbots for retail have limitations. They are impersonal, inflexible, and incapable of resolving complex issues, leading to customer dissatisfaction. Manhattan Active® Maven for customer service is different. It is a GenAI Assistant redefining customer service chatbots by providing superior customer experiences and increased customer service productivity.

It is different from traditional chatbots in how it converses with customers. It can empathize with customers, understanding both their questions and emotions to provide personalized answers with a human touch. This human-to-machine interaction creates a more engaging experience that meets customers' expectations.

It is more competent and flexible than typical chatbots, trained on Manhattan Active Omni's rich commerce functions and data which enables it to handle a wide range of inquiries, including complex requests such as order changes, cancellations, returns, and exchanges. Manhattan Active Maven’s intelligence allows it to adapt conversations dynamically to customers' responses and needs.

Manhattan Active Maven for customer service also enhances customer service performance and productivity by allowing agents to focus on more complex issues. This benefit means agents can spend more time solving critical problems and less time dealing with common issues. Manhattan Active Maven for customer service automates and streamlines manual customer service tasks, such as conversation summarization and post-interaction notes, reducing agents' administrative burden and improving customer service efficiency.

With Manhattan Active Maven for customer service, retail GenAI chatbot customer assistance becomes highly personalized and capable, creating a superior customer experience. It enhances customer satisfaction while providing retailers with confidence that their customer service is efficient and cost-effective.

Provide Customers with a Superior Chatbot Experience

Manhattan Active Maven for customer service makes it more convenient, compelling, and satisfying for customers to get automated assistance through chat, increasing value to the customer. It does so with the following capabilities:

Limitless Availability

Manhattan Active Maven for customer service offers limitless availability to customers, meaning that customers can get help at any time of the day or night without any waiting period for their customer service questions and requests.

Expansive Handling of Customer Inquiry Types

Manhattan Active Maven for customer service handles a wide range of customer inquiries, going beyond simple requests like order status checks. It leverages the rich retail commerce functionality and data of Manhattan Active Omni to manage complex transactions, such as product availability checks, shipping charge questions, order modifications and cancellations, returns and exchanges, and more. This capability enables quick and precise handling of all customer inquiries, significantly reducing resolution times compared to typical chatbots.

Personalized Customer Conversations

Manhattan Active Maven for customer service provides personalized customer conversations by responding in natural language and adjusting to consider the sentiment and context of the customer inquiry. It uses sentiment analysis to interpret the language and tone used by customers, assessing whether their sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral. It also considers the context of the conversation, such as repeated inquiries about the same issue or unexpected questions, which might indicate customer frustration. The combination of dynamic sentiment and context analysis provides more human-like responses to customers.

Boost Customer Service Agent Productivity

Improving the productivity of customer service agents is an essential aspect of a successful retail business. Manhattan Active Maven for customer service is a tool that helps reduce the time and effort required by customer service agents in managing customer interactions, thus improving their productivity and ability to respond to customers promptly. It does so by providing the following capabilities:

Contextual Warm Transfers

When a customer needs additional assistance that requires human judgment, Manhattan’s Maven for customer service automatically warm transfers the conversation to the best agent for further investigation.  The human agent receives a conversation brief prepared by the Manhattan Active Maven, including relevant details. This contextual warm transfer means agents spend less time researching and reviewing the current case and more time providing solutions, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Historical Conversation Summaries

Manhattan Active Maven for customer service also improves agent productivity and performance by summarizing historical customer conversations and cases. With quick access to all the customer's prior interactions, the agent can spend less time sifting through and reviewing customer interaction history and address the customer's issue faster, reducing customer interaction handling time.

Automated Post-Interaction Notes

When a customer conversation concludes, Manhattan’s Maven for customer service generates and manages post-interaction notes. It automatically compiles all relevant conversation details, including resolution, into a concise summary. It saves agents from the time and effort of manual notes by automatically generating relevant, consistent interaction notes, freeing agents to spend more time assisting customers.

The Power of the Platform Makes It Happen

Manhattan Associates' computational intelligence experts have trained Manhattan Active Maven's large language models to understand customers' customer service questions with utmost precision and accuracy. Once the system comprehends the question, it identifies the specific information required to create a natural language response that satisfies the customer's query.

Manhattan Active Maven for customer service has seamless access to Manhattan Active Omni's extensive commerce APIs, allowing it to precisely determine which APIs to use based on the customer's question. It then scans and understands the vast data available in Manhattan Active Omni to present an accurate response to the customer. The entire process happens instantly thanks to Manhattan Active Omni's high-performance cloud architecture, delivering a satisfying customer experience. Moreover, the system is turn-key, eliminating the need for development or integration.

Key Takeaways

  • Enhance Chatbot Effectiveness: Manhattan Active Maven for customer service makes chatbot assistance more effective by personalizing customer conversations. It dynamically tailors conversations by responding to emotions, changes in context, and unexpected questions with retail GenAI. And it does so without the need to program rules upfront.

  • Improve the Customer Experience: Manhattan Active Maven for customer service expands automated customer service to cover complex inquiries and transactions, such as order modifications, allowing customers to get fast and precise responses to their questions and issues anytime, improving customer convenience and satisfaction.

  • Boost Agent Productivity: By automating customer service tasks, streamlining escalations, and summarizing previous interactions, Manhattan Active Maven for customer service makes customer service agents' work more efficient with retail GenAI. This enables them to spend more time with customers and provide better service. It not only improves productivity but also improves agents' job satisfaction by reducing their repetitive workload.

  • Increase Customer Service Cost-Effectiveness: Employing Manhattan Active Maven for customer service can lead to substantial customer service cost savings through contact center deflection and agent time savings, all while maintaining, if not improving, customer satisfaction levels.

  • Speed Time to Market with a Turn-Key Solution: Manhattan Active Maven for Customer Service is ready to use with Manhattan Active Omni, enabling retailers to quickly use GenAI's power to offer a superior customer experience. It is the next big technological leap in GenAI for the retail industry.

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