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Alco Consulting - Panama

Alco Consulting is a best-in-class supply chain consulting company in Central America with offering highly experienced engineers to enable their customers to deliver and create a better customer experience.

Aptus Software - Romania & Hungary

Aptus Software, part of the Avitech Co group, is the official representative partner of Manhattan Associates in Romania & Hungary. The company is headquartered in Bucharest.

Arrow88 - Philippines

Arrow Eighty Eight Business Solutions Inc. provides assistance on business process improvements, knowledge and skill enhancement. Has been incorporated by a team of Industry experts whose experiences are related to planning, systems development, safety, operations management, process improvement and quality management.

Idnet - Sweden

Based out of Gothenburg, Sweden and serving the Scandinavian market, Idnet is a highly skilled consultancy and integrator specializing in supply chain solutions built on Manhattan Associates’ technology platforms.

Intramega Asia Sdn Bhd - Malaysia

Intramega Asia Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of PT Intramega Global (Indonesia), is a growing provider of Warehouse Management Solutions to the growing Supply Chain, Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution market in Malaysia.

Intramega Global PT (Spectrum Group) - Indonesia

Intramega Global PT is the subsidiary company of Spectrum Group – Indonesia, who is well known as a leading supplier for the design and manufacture of racking & shelving for retailers - from convenience stores to hypermarkets; 3PL, Pharmaceutical, and FMCG.

Logiciel Consulting - Thailand

Logiciel Consulting and Development is a consultancy, software designer and developer for Barcode businesses, which has extensive experience in Logistics and Warehouse Management Systems.

Logis WMS Solution - Poland

Logis WMS Solution is Manhattan Associates’ chosen GeoPartner in Poland. The company was established in 2012 to provide best-in-class Supply Chain & Logistics software and services to the Polish market.

Logística de México - Mexico

Logística de México is a reliable and high-quality supply chain and logistics provider that understands how important supply chain management and optimization are to competing and expanding in today’s competitive business markets.

Nobex - Iceland, Denmark

Based out of Iceland and serving the Nordic market, Nobex is a highly skilled consultancy and integrator specializing in supply chain solutions built on Manhattan Associates technology platforms.

Seal - Brazil

Seal Sistemas is the largest mobility solutions integrator in Brazil and has been operating in the mobile computing and automatic data capture market for more than three decades, supporting the building of a relationship of trust between the end-user and more than 2,000 companies that integrate their list of clients inside and outside Brazil.

Supply Chain Junction - Middle East, Africa

Supply Chain Junction assists our customers in optimizing and extracting maximum benefit from their supply chains and omni channel operations via the use of best-in-class technology and business practices.

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