Manhattan & Lightning Pick Technologies

Bronze Level Partner

Lightning Pick Technologies and Manhattan make a dynamic partnership, truly embodying the "Better Together" philosophy. Lightning Pick's expertise in order fulfillment automation and picking solutions seamlessly complements Manhattan's top-tier supply chain management technology. 

In collaboration, we deliver an all-encompassing solution that empowers businesses to transform their order fulfillment processes. Leveraging Lightning Pick's cutting-edge technologies alongside Manhattan's expertise, companies can attain unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and speed in their warehouse operations. Together, we redefine the benchmarks for streamlined fulfillment.

Our partnership is rooted in shared values of innovation, customer-centricity, and forward-thinking solutions. Lightning Pick Technologies and Manhattan empower businesses to excel in today's rapidly evolving supply chain landscape. Through this collaboration, we offer a holistic approach that maximizes operational excellence, ensuring that companies can meet the challenges of today's competitive market while delivering top-notch customer service.