Manhattan & Adyen

Bronze Level Partner

Adyen and Manhattan have fused seamless payment solutions with robust omnichannel commerce digital and in-store solutions. Adyen, renowned for its cutting-edge payment technology, perfectly aligns with Manhattan's expertise in delivering unified commerce solutions. By integrating Adyen's secure and efficient payment processing with Manhattan's unified point of sale, order management and customer service solutions, businesses can offer transformation payment experience anywhere the customer wants to engage during the shopping journey

Our collaboration not only ensures swift and secure transactions but also enhances overall operational efficiency. Adyen's global payment capabilities seamlessly support Manhattan's international supply chain networks, providing businesses with a unified, streamlined solution.

Together, we empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences, while efficiently managing their supply chains. Adyen and Manhattan's partnership simplifies payments and revolutionizes the way businesses operate, driving growth and customer satisfaction to unparalleled levels.