Manhattan & Cybersource

Bronze Level Partners

Cybersource and Manhattan are the ideal partners, epitomizing the "Better Together" philosophy through their combined strengths in payment processing and supply chain management. Cybersource, a leader in secure and seamless payment solutions, seamlessly integrates with Manhattan's world-class supply chain technology. 

Our collaboration is rooted in a shared commitment to innovation, security, and customer success. Together, Cybersource and Manhattan empower organizations to navigate the complex landscape of modern commerce, offering a holistic approach that enhances operational efficiency and revenue generation. In an increasingly digital and interconnected world, our partnership is a beacon of reliability and excellence for businesses seeking to thrive. 

This partnership offers a comprehensive solution that optimizes the entire supply chain, from order to payment processing. By blending Cybersource's advanced payment processing capabilities with Manhattan's supply chain expertise, businesses can streamline operations, improve order-to-cash processes, and enhance customer satisfaction.