Manhattan & CYBRA

Bronze Level Partner

CYBRA and Manhattan are a powerhouse partnership, embodying the "Better Together" ethos by combining CYBRA's cutting-edge RFID and barcode technology with Manhattan's world-class supply chain management solutions. CYBRA’s MarkMagic® is the barcode label, RFID tag, forms, and report writing software integrated into Manhattan's WMS (Warehouse Management System) products and Manhattan Active Warehouse Management (MAWM). MarkMagic printing functions are built into Manhattan's software and are already installed on your server.

Together, we offer a unified solution that empowers businesses to refine their supply chains with unparalleled precision and efficiency. CYBRA's advanced tracking and identification capabilities seamlessly integrate with Manhattan's software, enabling companies to attain real-time visibility, minimize errors, and improve inventory accuracy. 

Our partnership is built on shared values of innovation, customer focus, and staying ahead of industry trends. CYBRA and Manhattan empower businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of supply chain management. With our combined expertise, we offer a holistic solution that enhances operational excellence, ensuring businesses remain competitive and resilient in today's dynamic market.