Not All Clouds are Created Equal

To truly compete in an omnichannel world, it’s critical that you invest in the right cloud technology. Cloud-enabled solutions are often square pegs adapted for round holes. Conversely, cloud-native solutions – those truly designed for connected commerce – can help offer nimble, hyper-personalized, omnichannel service that keeps customers coming back.


The difference between the two comes down to the original intent of the technology. Cloud-enabled solutions are designed to be deployed in traditional data centers. Although many of these applications are being retrofitted and sold as “cloud solutions”, in reality, they are poor imitations that offer none of the nimble flexibility of truly cloud-native solutions.

Cloud-native technologies are designed and built to work in a connected, online retail world. They deliver web-centric capabilities that enable retailers to improve customer engagement and service, scale server capacity for busy periods, offer more fulfillment options and experiment with new promotions and new technologies.

To win in the modern retail world, the best tool available is technology that is continuously updated and seamlessly interconnected. That robust functionality only starts with one model: cloud native.

Discover how cloud-native systems empower retail organizations to profitably deliver on their omnichannel promise.

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