Powerful things happen when you free your applications from static, legacy data centers, particularly in the retail industry. You get a single version of the truth by consolidating data from inventory, order management, customer transactions, and supply chain systems. People across your organization can access and leverage that truth anywhere with an internet connection. And, the increased elasticity afforded by untethered cloud-native systems gives you huge advantages when combating the stress of peak, both seasonal and promotional.

Access Has Its Advantages

Empower your team with cloud-native, run-anywhere functionality that supports:

  • Increased collaboration: From stores to call centers to warehouses, employees can work together across space and time zones.
  • Better use of big data: With flexible storage and analytics capabilities, cloud-based solutions can help you turn huge amounts of data into actionable intelligence.
  • Cost savings: Cloud-based technology, with a single, centrally located version of the truth, eliminates the need for redundant systems. With no upfront costs and less demand for tech support, you also extend your IT budget.
  • Improved security: Keeping critical information in the cloud protects data by giving that responsibility to a specialized, third-party with superior expertise.
  • Greater flexibility: The cloud-native microservices structure means you can adapt, scale, upgrade and make changes almost instantly to benefit every user in your organization.
  • More agility: The right cloud technologies allow you to react quickly to customer demand, sudden market opportunities, and new products.
  • Disaster resilience: Housing essential applications and information away from your physical location protect them. And virtualization technologies make recovery faster in the event of an issue.

Discover how cloud-native computing can help your organization. 

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