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Manhattan Associates and Zebra Technologies have teamed up to create TouchWarehouse — a native Android solution that helps WMOS and WMi customers overcome the obstacles that previously prevented the adoption of modern mobile devices in the warehouse.

Why TouchWarehouse?

With Windows Mobile end-of-life and extended support ending, device manufacturers and developers are migrating to the more open and powerful Android ecosystem. This has led to an increased usage of enterprise-grade Android mobile devices in the warehouse with offerings in a wide variety of rugged, productivity-focused form factors.

TouchWarehouse works across all WMOS (2010-2019) and WMi (2019*) instances and is continually certified on the latest Zebra devices and OS versions. Stay up to date with new features and improvements, without jeopardizing your mission critical application.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate deployment time: As an out-of-the-box solution, TouchWarehouse is ready to go — immediately.
  • Decrease costs: By eliminating the need to design, build, migrate, install, deploy and involve extensive use of both IT and operations personnel, you greatly lower costs.
  • Onboard faster: The elimination of CTRL keys and added intuitive screen design results in faster onboarding times. Get temporary or seasonal employees to peak productivity faster than ever before.
  • Simplify your architecture: Remove the green screen compatibility stack — no need for Linux shells, system accounts or terminal emulation. TouchWarehouse connects mobile users directly to the application server.
  • Plus much more…

TouchWarehouse combines Zebra’s industry-leading devices with the Android platform to ensure your warehouse uses the most modern, user-friendly and supported solutions. TouchWarehouse eliminates legacy issues with discontinued platforms like Windows Mobile and migrates your devices to Android with the ease of flipping a switch.

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*Backport options available for older versions of WMi. Contact Manhattan Enterprise Mobility for more information.

TouchWarehouse is compatible with Manhattan Associates WMOS 2010-2019 and WMi. 2019 and runs on TC8000, TC8300, WT6000, MC3300, MC9300, VC80x, L10, TC72 and TC52 Zebra devices. Backport options available for older versions of WMi. Contact Manhattan Enterprise Mobility for more information.

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