Supply Chain Execution

Manhattan Extended Enterprise

Bridge The Gap

Servicing your end customers in whatever way they choose has become the “new normal” in brand protection. To that end, the importance of bridging functional gaps between warehousing, transportation, and the extended enterprise continues to be a critical link in the supply chain. Clearly the convergence of processes among internal teams and external trading partners allows for more responsive operations, real-time visibility, and lays a foundation for increased profitability.

Your external suppliers and logistics providers obviously play a vital role in your ability to service your customers. Failure to perform at consistently high levels often results in negative consequences for your customers and therefore, your business. Historically, the external supply chain has been viewed as largely outside the control of the enterprise and performance was often managed under compliance initiatives or threat of penalties. Manhattan’s Extended Enterprise solutions offer visibility, control, and collaboration in those vital areas of your supply chain that lie outside the four walls.

Tighter Collaboration Delivers Higher Profits

Manhattan’s Extended Enterprise has been architected to foster closer collaboration—across departmental boundaries and with suppliers, carriers, 3PLs, and other trading partners—so your supply chain can help drive top-line growth without sacrificing bottom-line performance.

From a secure, online, web-enabled portal that facilitates real-time collaboration between you and your suppliers to better visibility of receipts, shipments, yard activity, and in-transit inventory, all Extended Enterprise capabilities work together to improve supply chain agility. With Extended Enterprise, you can gain direct control of product flow with logistics partners, including last-minute inventory re-direction to respond to changes in product demand.

With the proliferation of fulfillment methods and selling channels, companies are increasingly reliant on their trading partners to support the scale of operations they need to compete. Manhattan Extended Enterprise enables closer collaboration amongst all partners in the supply chain ecosystem.