Extended Enterprise

Hub Management

Supply chain agility is essential to compete in today’s business environment. For some, this means better visibility and control over the flow of goods through 3PL sites that are en route to distribution centers. For retailers, this may mean tighter control of their product that’s being routed to stores by third-party delivery agents. That’s why companies use Hub Management to gain visibility and control over the flow of goods well before inventory reaches its next destination. By digitally connecting all facilities responsible for the efficient flow of goods, Manhattan’s Hub Management ensures all nodes of the supply chain are more than just pass-through locations, but are capable of complex distribution processes.

Better Visibility, More Efficient Execution

Our Hub Management solution provides high-performing, mobile technology that easily and inexpensively enables warehouse-like execution in all nodes of your supply chain, no matter how small or complex the facility. With Hub Management, third-party logistic providers can even consolidate shipments directly to stores or end customers, bypassing warehouses altogether.

Whether the facility is a distribution hub, cross dock, pool point, transload facility, or consolidation/de-consolidation point, Hub Management provides world-class supply chain execution and visibility across the network.

Features + Functions

  • Provide mobile, scan-based receiving by LPN, pallet, or load
  • Enables seamless receive-to-shipment capabilities to streamline cross-dock and flow-through operations
  • Track and report against OS&Ds
  • Enable zone-based inventory storage assignment
  • Enable zone-to-zone inventory relocation
  • Complete inventory audit processes to ensure inventory integrity
  • Lock and hold inventory
  • Scan load LPNs and pallets onto outbound trailers
  • Constrain shipment volumes based on downstream receipt
  • Standardize shipping labels and documentation through the entire supply chain for more accurate scan-based receiving at all locations
  • Enable direct-to-store and direct-to-customer shipments that reduce transportation, labor, and storage costs while shortening order fulfillment times
  • Provide mobile support for “temporarily disconnected” realities of many 3PL and hub sites