Supply Chain Planning

Store Clustering Software

In today’s competitive retail environment, tracking customer shopping patterns down to the store level is a critical, but often herculean, task. Planning stores in even a mid-sized chain requires clustering to manage stores in a practical way.

Plan With Intelligent, Metric-Based Groupings of Stores

With Manhattan’s Store Clustering solution, your team can develop assortments and plans that align with customers’ preferences, no matter where they shop. Our solution intelligently groups similar locations by performance, size, climate, customer demographics, store format, or other characteristics and incorporates them into the plan. As a result, you can more accurately predict demand by store—and ensure that assortments are targeted to the right customer for every merchandise category.

Store Clustering also provides capabilities to manage location attributes that can be applied within clustering and used across all planning processes. As a module in Manhattan’s Planning suite, Store Clustering helps you build and manage financial plans, assortment plans, item plans, and promotion plans by cluster—which makes it easier to closely align the planning process with customer demand and optimize inventory in every store.