Extended Enterprise

Supplier Enablement

Your suppliers are scattered all over the world, speak different languages, work different hours, trade in different currencies, and have varying technical capabilities, yet you share a common goal with them to get product to your customers quickly and profitably. Supplier Enablement offers a secure, online, web-enabled portal that facilitates real-time collaboration between you, your suppliers, and other trading partners, despite the diverse geographies, languages, and technical capabilities of your supply chain. All suppliers need to tap into the power of Supplier Enablement is an internet connection and a printer!

With this online collaboration, you can quickly improve communications and business process execution for your distribution center operations and across your upstream supply chain.

Features + Functions
Communication & Collaboration
  • Post group messages to trading partners to alert them to vital information that may impact their ability to serve you
  • Share critical documents with key trading partners electronically
  • Acknowledge and track receipt of critical documents
  • Receive and store electronic documents forwarded by your trading partners
  • Audit all critical communications in a centralized, common vendor portal
Supply Chain Execution
  • Enable centralized purchase order acknowledgement and negotiation across all trading partners
  • Enable creation of single SKU, mixed SKU, and pre-pack LPNs by suppliers
  • Generate and print EAN/UCC128-compliant shipping labels at supplier locations
  • Scan load LPNs and pallets onto outbound trailers
  • Standardize and print required shipping documentation such as BOLs
  • Automate creation of LPN-level ASNs which increase downstream receiving efficiency and lower your DC labor costs
  • Automate time-consuming manual purchase orders
  • Request and capture third-party inspections for quality audits online
  • Identify product defects earlier in the fulfillment cycle, well before good arrive at your distribution centers
  • Leverage modernized reporting and data visualization to monitor the effectiveness of the external supply chain
  • Initiate chargebacks when poor performance or quality issues arise to encourage greater on-time delivery and compliance
  • Automate claims for non-compliance events such as late shipments
  • Generate cost of goods invoices (COGI) to unite supply chain execution and supply chain finance
  • Facilitate 3-way matching against the PO, ASN, and COGI