Transforming supply chains with Google Cloud SQL

Editors note: this is an excerpt of an interview with Manhattan Associates Sanjeev Siotia, SVP & CTO, and Manhattan partner, Google Cloud. For the full version of this article, please visit the Google Cloud blog.

Geopolitical shifts and the recent pandemic have made the global supply chain increasingly unpredictable and complex.

At Manhattan Associates, we help many of the world’s leading organizations navigate that complexity – and meeting expectations – through industry-leading supply chain commerce solutions like warehouse management, transportation management, omnichannel technology and more.

The foundation for those solutions is Manhattan Active® Platform, cloud-native, API-first, microservices technology that has been engineered to handle the most complicated supply chain networks in the world but designed to never feel like it.

Manhattan Active solutions, hosted on the Google Cloud, enables our clients to deliver exceptional shopping experiences in retail stores, online, and everywhere in between. They unify warehouse, automation, labor and transportation activities, bolster resilience, and seamlessly support growing sustainability requirements.

To read the full article, please visit the Google Cloud Blog, and learn more about:

  • How Google Cloud SQL provides reliable database capabilities.
  • How offloading database management tasks reduces costs for customers.
  • How reliability and up-time matter.

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