Learn one, teach one.

Q. What makes you most proud to work at Manhattan?

A. Through my tenure, I have seen the company grow and achieve numerous milestones, but it’s about the open communication, “Let’s get it done” attitude. I am proud of the teamwork with optimism and the desire to work together for the success that stands out.

Working in professional services, experiencing a Go Live, seeing your own software deployed- it's like watching your favorite team in the Super Bowl! It is no surprise that MA ranks as one of the top places to work in Atlanta for multiple years in a row.

Q. What’s one of your favorite Manhattan memories?

A. MA is like a family to me, and it is super hard to choose a favorite memory. Here are a few...
Spending an eventful day at work, delivering a baby within 4 hours after leaving the office in the evening. My 6-year-old picking up the second phone line extension of an 8-hour long production call with a client and asking “Mom, is everything ok now - how much more time?" Meanwhile, I am totally dazed, and in a freaked-out state, while everyone is laughing and acknowledging that it’s been a long call and issue is resolved so we need to finish up fast! Another memory is working in Dell’s facilities in Malaysia and Poland as a warehouse worker in the graveyard shifts during go lives and covering up the reduced number of workers due to the deployment of a new system. It was completely a fun experience mingling with the workers and stepping in their shoes. All the workers were very excited to see us doing some of their jobs.

Q. How do you continue to learn and grow your career?

A. I always believe in “learn one, teach one.” When we learn something, we should always try to share our learnings and help others. Teaching others will help to reinforce what we already learned. I always set goals and delegate when it is appropriate. Cultivate your ability to persevere above disappointment and turbulence. Grit is so critical in the supply chain space as there will always be ups and downs. Proven resiliency, a positive attitude, and a willingness to be in a cycle of continuous learning are one of the best ways to grow in your career. I enjoy working with folks of all different ages, walks of life and stages in their careers. I know there is always something you can learn from others and I intend to stay curious and make connections that help me expand both my horizons and also goals I want to achieve.

Q. How do you align your individual purpose to your work at MA?

A. My purpose in life is to empower myself to empower others. The open-door policy and role of autonomy in my role at MA helps me drive my purpose at work. The feeling of empowering others and experiencing their rising power of confidence, self-respect, happiness and satisfaction defines my purpose of life on daily basis at MA.

Q. What is the best career advice you've ever received and how have you applied that to your career at MA?

A. Be a Team Player. There are always opportunities to learn from others and help others.  Being a team player is the way to grow and become efficient at what we do. Sharing knowledge & being helpful is the key to success for an individual, department and company. Be confident, yet humble. In the Services sector, being confident yet humble goes a long way. This is an important trait in developing trust and building relationships with both customers and peers.

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