Manhattan Launches Fulfillment Experience Insights Dashboard for Order Management

Retailers can now see firsthand how they stack up with other omnichannel retailers with the first and only Fulfillment Experience Insights Dashboard for retail, a new feature from Manhattan Active® Order Management. The Fulfillment Experience Insight Dashboard provides a single view for retailers to benchmark fulfillment performance against industry peers, enabling the user to fine-tune their supply chain execution strategies using aggregated and anonymized data from the Manhattan Active cloud ecosystem.

The dashboard provides insights into near real-time network-wide fulfillment performance across a wide range of key performance indicators (KPIs) including:

  • Store pickup conversion
  • Short picks from all fulfillment locations (stores, distribution centers, suppliers, etc.)
  • Time to fulfill
  • Average packages per order
  • Orders cancelled

These KPIs provide ‘actuals versus actuals’ comparisons that extract data from actual fulfillment execution tasks, not surveys or projections, providing higher-quality insights to drive performance improvement.

This enables retailers to evaluate the effectiveness of their offerings, measure their performance against their peers, and leverage data-driven decision-making to create more efficient and improved fulfillment for customers, providing a leg-up on the competition.

Manhattan is in a unique position to offer this feature as hundreds of the world’s top brands use Manhattan Active Omni’s Order Management and Store Fulfillment to process millions of orders every week. Manhattan has drawn from over 20 years of industry experience in working with top global retailers to form and identify the KPIs crucial to execute business growth opportunities and maximize revenue.

The Fulfillment Experience Insights Dashboard unveils a path for retailers to differentiate their omnichannel experience, as The Unified Commerce Benchmark, which measured 286 customer experience capabilities across four segments, revealed ‘Promising & Fulfillment’ to be the weakest capability across benchmarked retailers. That sector can turn into a strength for retailers with these invaluable new insights from the only leader in omnichannel order management

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