Forever Direct Boosts EMEA Fulfillment Capacity and Service Levels

Having a well-controlled, efficient supply chain network is a prerequisite to success for every high-volume consumer goods distribution business.​ This is certainly true for Forever Direct EU BV, an EMEA importer and distributor of the Aloe Vera based products from its US-based parent company Forever Living Products.​

Centralize logistical processes in the Forever Direct’s new regional distribution center (RDC); supply 93 countries in EMEA with Forever Living Products; process ‘direct delivery’ orders for distributors in 19 countries.

Manhattan’s Warehouse Management (WMS) and Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) solutions selected to support distribution operations in Forever Direct’s new RDC, including fulfillment of orders for 500,000 independent distributors throughout EMEA.

With RDC logistics processes driven by the WMS, Forever Direct has achieved significant improvement in efficiency and has a scalable supply chain platform in place to facilitate future growth. SCI will ultimately monitor and further improve supply chain performance.

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