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Sysco France Increases Forecasting Accuracy Within Weeks of Remote Implementation

Learn about Sysco France's journey to a 15% increase in forecasting accuracy within weeks of a seamless, intercontinental implementation and discover how Manhattan's technology revolutionized Sysco’s approach to demand forecasting, enabling highly improved customer service.

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The Challenge

Sysco France faced the daunting task of managing complex demand fluctuations. With factors like geographic and seasonal patterns, diverse customer dynamics, and ever-changing promotions, it needed a forecasting solution that could bring clarity and precision to its operations. Complicating matters further was the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, limiting travel and posing a unique challenge to implementation efforts.

Solutions Implemented

Sysco France chose Manhattan’s Demand Forecasting solution to meet its dynamic needs. Despite the travel restrictions during the pandemic, Manhattan and Sysco teams collaborated seamlessly across continents and time zones. The implementation—conducted remotely—showcased effective communication, productive working sessions, and a commitment to overcoming challenges.

Demand Forecasting

Experience the highest degree of forecasting accuracy with Manhattan Demand Forecasting, powered by machine learning that constantly evolves with network demand.

Progress & Results

Starting with a small-scale rollout in one region, Sysco France witnessed a 15% increase in forecasting accuracy. Buoyed by this success, the distributor expanded the solution to all 21 warehouses, achieving immediate benefits. Manhattan’s Demand Forecasting solution inspired a transformative shift in Sysco France’s forecasting approach. Sysco France greatly improved its forecast accuracy after moving from a three-week sales history to weekly SKU-level forecasts, setting the stage for ongoing progress and enhanced customer service.