Wincanton Standardizes Operations on Manhattan Supply Chain Commerce Platform

Wincanton provides supply chain solutions and value-added services to customers throughout the UK and Ireland. It operates 200 sites covering 1.8 million square metres of warehousing and storage space; operates 3,500 vehicles delivering distribution and transport services; and has 16,000 employees.

Wincanton’s operations include ground-based supply chain management services such as warehousing and transportation, and many other value-added services such as change management, co-packing, consultancy, fleet management and retail store support.

Since implementing Manhattan's solutions, Wincanton now has a standard implementation process to help get customers up and running quickly.

Wincanton needed a flexible technology platform to support multiple customers operating across multiple channels, complement logistics execution capabilities, and bring enhanced levels of visibility and agility to its warehouse management systems.

Manhattan solutions selected for industry-leading reputation; flexible nature; fast start-up capability; ability to provide end user clients with an IT platform for supply chain. Modular nature of solutions will allow Wincanton to deploy new capabilities as needed.

A standard implementation process helps get Wincanton customers up and running quickly; ability to configure solutions to meet specific customer requirements; reduced complexity and streamlined customer workflows; and can process large volumes of inventory transactions.

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