Delivering Fresher Products to Your Customers

Shopper looking at a food order on her mobile device

Today, grocery distribution centers (DCs) need more and more efficient supply chain processes that also thoroughly ensure the compliant delivery of fresh products. Grocery DCs leverage automation and machines and yet seek to humanize and personalize warehouse employee engagement. To keep goods moving quickly and safely through the supply chain, that’s good but not enough. Grocers also need visibility into the entire supply chain to continuously optimize transportation, labor, and warehouse management.

To illustrate the demands of today’s complex supply chain challenges, this eBook follows the path of perishable goods across an efficient grocery supply chain. Along the way, we will look closely at each and every step for grocery supply chain optimization opportunities, why grocers need to relentlessly innovate and experiment with delivery options as they deliver fresh products to customers, and how Manhattan solutions can solve many of these pressing problems.

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