Manhattan Active® Transportation Management - A Green Movement in Emissions Reduction

Manhattan is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly supply chain solutions that are built to contribute to a greener and healthier planet while maintaining cost-effective performance. The Manhattan Active Platform supports sustainability through better technology architecture that provides greater visibility, advanced optimization engines, better AI and machine learning, and cutting-edge data science capabilities—leading to less power consumption, more carbon accounting and reporting, and unmatched efficiency.

Manhattan Active® Transportation Management enables businesses to lead the way in sustainability with capabilities that provide a path to reduced carbon footprint, fuel costs, and emissions, along with ways to track sustainability performance. Eco-aware fulfillment shows users options that meet the sustainability criteria. Transportation modeling curates an eco-friendly journey by prioritizing sustainable and efficient transportation channels. Plus, our Manhattan Active TM solution features enable load optimization, route optimization, consolidation opportunities, transportation KPIs, environmental regulation compliance, and much more.

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