Podcast: Are You Ready for ‘Future Systems’? (Part 2)

In part one of this look at future systems, we discussed the concepts and power of highly composable and scalable cloud-native solutions and why they are enabling much needed agility for organizations who need to adapt quickly to an ever-changing market.

We learned about the core tenets of these systems –– faster access to innovation, elasticity, resiliency, scalability and extensibility. If you haven’t yet listened to part one, we encourage you to go back and do so!

For part two of the discussion, we’re focusing less on the theoretical benefits of cloud-native design, and more on the practical implementations on real-world transactional systems like order management and warehouse management.

We’ve invited back Krishna Venkatasamy, a product platform leader here at Manhattan Associates who lives and breathes this stuff every day. Our host is Chris Shaw.

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