Customer Success Story with Daikin

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The Challenge

Daikin required a solution that could manage the rapid growth within their massive warehouses, including the 33,300 square meter Daikin Park facility in Sydney and the even larger Daikin Park facility in Houston. They needed a scalable solution to efficiently handle the immense volumes of operations while enhancing transparency and communication within their supply chain.

Solution Implemented

Daikin selected Manhattan SCALE for its capacity to handle high volumes and flexibility. Customizations tailored the system to Daikin's unique warehousing needs, optimizing processes like pick sequencing.

Results & Progress

Daikin's implementation of Manhattan SCALE facilitated significant progress, notably through tailored customization and the ability to customize data presentation for picking, streamlining operations and improving efficiency. Additionally, proactive notifications to customers have enhanced their experience, showcasing Daikin's commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Future plans involve further innovation and expansion across regional warehouses, fostering a positive outlook for the Daikin and Manhattan relationship.