PacSun Finds "Savior" in Ship-From-Store Fulfillment With Manhattan

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PacSun, a leading lifestyle apparel brand, selected Manhattan Active® Omni to revamp its omnichannel strategy and incorporate a solution that could scale with the retailer as it grows. As it turns out, Manhattan's omnichannel capabilities were needed much sooner than originally anticipated.

Hear from PacSun’s Co-CEO Michael Relich on the success he has seen with Manhattan Active® Omni and how ship-from-store capabilities allowed PacSun to experience its best margins yet, even in the face of disruption.

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Read more on how in just two weeks, Manhattan and PacSun worked together to implement Manhattan Active® Omni and train employees remotely. Once up and running, PacSun shipped 40,000 ecommerce orders a day from all its store locations, experiencing the best margins in the retailer’s history.

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