Retailers Reset Their 2021 Supply Chain Plans

Retailers Reset Their 2021 Supply Chain Plans

We all realize 2020 has changed retailing. But are retailers and enterprises truly "Positioned" to better manage the next disruption than they did the previous one? A recent survey of retail industry professionals exposed technology gaps in real-time inventory visibility, forecasting, and optimized fulfillment while highlighting the slow adoption of AI/ML in supply chain application and migration to the cloud.

Google Cloud's supply chain expert Paula Natoli, Manhattan Associates', Sr. VP Brian Kinsella, and BrainTrust panelist and study author Joe Skorupa discuss what enterprises need to do to begin positioning themselves for the next disruption to hit the industry.

You may also download a 12-page summary report with survey results and actionable recommendations that will not only let you see the supply chain reset but help prepare your organization to move in that direction.

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