The DNA of a Modern TMS Must Evolve to Adapt and Thrive


In biology, deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, “contains the biological instructions” that an organism needs to develop, survive & reproduce; it’s what makes every species unique. 

Transportation management systems are not living organisms, so they do not have DNA in a biological sense. However, individual technology markers & building blocks provide the technical instructions for the modern TMS to be flexible, intelligent, optimized, and collaborative. And just like with living organisms & DNA, it’s these technology elements that make each TMS deployment unique.

Change has become a defining characteristic of a transportation management system, yet it is a mission-critical application for shippers. This research paper by Adrian Gonzalez of Adelante SCM explores the core building blocks of a modern TMS while echoing the sentiment of Charles Darwin, “those who adapt to their changing environment have the best chance at survival.”

Adelante SCM highlights four of the most important building blocks of a modern TMS required to adapt and thrive in today’s logistics operations and whatever else tomorrow brings.

  • Agile: Architected for the Cloud. Not all cloud offerings are created equal, and some have more modern DNA. Learn why architecture matters.
  • Insightful: Ecosystem Connectivity. Real-time actionable insights generate real-world results. Learn why the digital interface between supply chain partners matters. 
  • Optimized: Autonomous Optimization. Advancements in data science have opened the door to optimization and self-tuning capabilities that were never before possible. Learn more about how optimization technology improves operational efficiencies and reduces cost.  
  • Collaborative: Intuitive User Experience. State-of-the-art functionality with a poor user interface can directly impact an enterprise’s bottom line.  Learn how user interfaces that are more intuitive, more adaptive, and more manageable can enhance employee productivity.

Read the report to learn how an intelligent and adaptive TMS platform can improve business outcomes, ensure informed decision-making, and reduce costs while improving business performance.

Are you ready to rewrite the DNA of your transportation and logistics operations?

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The DNA Of A Modern TMS Must Evolve to Adapt and Thrive

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