Making the Case for TMS: Driving Supply Chain ROI

When building a business case for the investment in a new TMS, it is important to provide information on the ROI. This whitepaper helps uncover the key areas that consistently deliver savings, value and continuous improvement in your supply chain and across your business to support your business case. Also check out our TMS ROI Calculator to get a high-level estimate of possible savings that can be generated by our TMS.

This whitepaper includes:

Setting the stage: Questions to ask to solidify your TMS business case and tips on how to get your executives aligned.

Justifying your TMS investment: A summary of several research studies to underpin the investment.

Identifying ROI Opportunities: Overview of the functionality and capabilities of the five key areas that can help maximize your ROI:

  • Transportation Modeling
  • Transportation Procurement
  • Transportation Planning & Optimization
  • Transportation Execution, Visibility & Event Management
  • Transportation Settlement

Finding the right TMS to ensure success: some important topics to consider when selecting a TMS vendor.

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Making the case for TMS: Driving supply chain ROI

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