Manhattan Active Omni also brings the ability to manage the entire life cycle of promotions and discounts across all channels and the entire enterprise. In today’s complex world of connected commerce, that is critical because consumers begin and end their journeys in every combination of digital and physical points of interaction.

Manhattan Enterprise Promotions offers support for complex and intermixed deal and offer methods. Designed for merchants and those managing promotions within retail brands, the application enables the creation of promotions within one or more organizations, and all selling channels.

When using Manhattan Point of Sale and Contact Center capabilities, promotions calculations of deals and the output to selling carts, sales receipts and sales posting are managed by a single Enterprise Promotions component. Promotions management includes easy integration with third-party commerce and marketing solutions through a rich set of APIs.

Features + Functions
  • Use branded cards to automatically execute offers and automated promotions
  • Provide deal type and logic configuration to determine deal triggers, targets and benefits
  • Define event horizons and assign deals
  • Enable exclusive, customer-targeted offers
  • Select trigger criteria to establish and adjust exclusions definitions
  • Determine proration rules
  • Gain a complete view of deal calculations
    • Qualifiers
    • Targets
    • Benefits 
    • Limits and maximums
    • Highest vs. lowest price offer  
    • Payment-type offer
    • N-way mix and match promotions

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