As every planner knows, the biggest opportunity can lie in the smallest detail. Getting to those details is as important as staying in sync with changing customer demands and market forces. Yet, planning at the item level overwhelms many planning systems. In an omnichannel market, with millions of potential SKU and channel combinations, a powerful solution is required for efficient, accurate item planning.

Granular Analysis For The Most Valuable Portions Of Your Assortment

Manhattan’s Item Planning solution helps your team plan and forecast key performance metrics down to the item level. With an intuitive workflow and user-definable views, it’s easy to plan across multiple levels of the merchandise hierarchy and focus in on key items.

The comprehensive capabilities of our Planning suite make it easy to tie bottom-up item plans to top-down category plans in Financial Planning to ensure performance goals remain realistic. Item, Financial, and Promotional planning all work together to better manage product lifecycles, reducing markdown risk and increasing sales and margin.

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers