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Inventory optimization for fashion retail.

Born in the cloud, and built entirely from microservices, Manhattan Active Allocation is engineered to be extended and never need upgrading. It opens up inventory allocation across all stores and distribution centers, enabling omnichannel fulfillment fully aligned with how you expect your inventory to be consumed.


Retail allocation software with continuous access to innovation, with new features and updates released throughout the year.


Engineered to adapt rapidly to changing business and operational process and experience needs.


Scales performance automatically to match demand peaks when needed.


A modern approach to inventory allocation enables a more adaptable allocation plan, less stranded inventory and less financial risk.


Inventory dispositioning for real-time inventory alignment with omni-fulfillment strategies, and fewer redirects and end-of-season markdowns.

<h2>DESIGNED TO WORK WITH MANHATTAN ACTIVE ORDER MANAGEMENT.</h2> <p>Native, real-time integration to Manhattan Active Order Management ensures allocators have instant insight into evolving fulfillment strategies which enables them to proactively respond to sales performance by channel or fulfillment experience.</p>

Order Management

Globally optimized visibility, promising and fulfillment, with omnichannel customer service.

Store Inventory & Fulfillment

Robust, DC-quality inventory management and BOPIS, BORIS, ship-from-store and contactless curbside fulfillment.

Manhattan Active Technology


Cloud native and designed entirely from microservices that automatically scale to meet performance demands.

The Era of Omni Inventory Optimization


The Era Of Omni Inventory Optimization

In today’s connected commerce world, consumers are demanding more convenient fulfillment options such as buy-online-pickup-in-store and curbside-pickup. As shopper experiences get more complex, there is a need to profitably optimize inventory management for omnichannel. Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization alone is no longer enough.

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“Using fulfillment forecasting means that inventory positioning will be more accurate, as it is directly linked to how consumers may choose fulfillment services rather than simply where they pay.”

—Gartner, “Fulfillment Forecasting: The Key to Optimizing Retail Inventory Positioning,” Tom Enright, September 25, 2019

<h2><span style="color:#ffffff;">EXPLORE</span></h2> <p><span style="color:#ffffff;">The extraordinary ways Manhattan Active Allocation combines industry-leading functionality with state-of-the-art technology.</span></p>

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