Optimize The Balance Between Inventory, Sales, And Service Levels

Having a clear and accurate perspective on demand positions an enterprise to optimize its future inventory supply. When to buy, which items to buy, and how many units of each are core questions that are easily addressed by Manhattan’s Replenishment.

Inventory Replenishment For The Wholesale Industry

For wholesalers, inventory is all about margin protection. By optimizing with an inventory replenishment system, you can ensure the best order fill rates for the least amount of overall inventory at the lowest total cost—even with key customers that are given special treatment with guaranteed service levels. Manhattan Replenishment enables some of the world’s largest and most complex wholesale businesses to thrive financially, despite what’s often a low margin operating profile.

Inventory Replenishment For The Retail Industry

For retailers, inventory is all about sales, brand protection, and customer satisfaction. Often, less-profitable, slower-moving inventory is carried simply because the customer demands a full assortment. The challenge in these environments is balancing the inventory investment across the myriad of selling channels while accounting for the enterprise’s ability to fulfill from anywhere when appropriate.

We can help you
  • Eliminate unnecessary inventory from your network
  • Reduce out-of-stock impacts on your top-line business performance
  • Improve customer service and order fill rates
  • Increase inventory analyst productivity
  • Facilitate business growth and expansion without significant increase in inventory
  • Rebalance inventory across your network
Features + Functions
  • Prioritize and orchestrate business process flows through our personalized Daily Agenda
  • Leverage at-a-glance performance metrics and data visualizations to monitor your inventory investment
  • Personalize your Replenishment experience
  • Manage buying team performance and enable metric-based performance improvements

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers